Martí Hernández i Lluis Ametller

We are a team of young cookers who, since 2018, have been part of the Lasal project. Since we started, our curiosity and the desire to enter a creative, respectful and conscious kitchen to improve day by day was aroused.

Our aim is not only to make an ecological and proximity kitchen, but we also want our dishes to reflect an idiosyncrasy and values, rooted in the environment and our way of seeing the kitchen and the products we work with.

Lasal del Varador

Passeig Marítim 190,

08301 Mataró (Barcelona)

Tel. 931 140 580 / 634 515 715


We are open every day of the week from 09:45 to 1:30 from June to mid-September.



We are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 09:45 to 17:30 from mid-September to June

Lasal del Varador is located on the seafront of Mataró with beautiful sea views , we make Mediterranean cuisine using quality and proximity products.
It has been conceived as a comprehensive sustainable project. It is built on six pillars: bioclimatic architecture; renewable energies and energy efficiency; sustainable mobility; ecological and proximity kitchen; recycling and waste reduction, and sustainable water use. We believe that, with a more efficient use of resources, more environmentally friendly activity and a significant cost saving are achieved.
To make it an integral sustainable project we have found different challenges: in 2007 we built the restaurant according to the criteria of bioclimatic architecture, with radiant earth and a solar thermal facility to heat the water. In 2013, we built a solar photovoltaic power facility, and today we produce 60% of our electricity.
We work with local producers of Maresme who, day by day, show that it is feasible to do things in a more sustainable way. 90% of our raw material is organic and the fish are mostly from Arenys de Mar. At present, all the wines in our letter are organic and we are relying on the wines of proximity.


Maresme tomato salad, spring onion and oregano

“Made with tomato and onion from Hort d’en Dídac, producer of green vegetables located in Mataró.
Tomato is seasonal, so you will find this simple and delicious dish in our summer menu”

Rice broth

Made with rice from the Ebro Delta and fresh fish and seafood from Arenys de Mar

Milk curd flam with honey and roasted walnuts

Produced with curd milk produced by a small family company in Cabrianes with Mil Flowers honey from Maresme, collected by the Maresme Foundation that love and respect bees

Lasal del Varador