” Slow Food Restaurants Km 0 ” is a project of Slow Food , which is the organization that sets the path , philosophy and protocol to be followed by restaurants km 0 , relying on the support of chefs .

” Slow Food Restaurants Km – 0 ” was born of the meetings held between chefs , members of Slow Food Terra Madre Lounge (Turin , 2008) , all inspired by the Italian project of km 0 articulated in the context of food good, clean and fair that Slow Food defends .


* GOOD ( BO ) Recovery Catalan cuisine understood as a set of proposals based on authenticity, local produce and seasonal .

* CLEAR ( NET ) : Encourage the use of local organic food , move towards the disappearance of the letter transgenic restaurants , delete the letter endangered fish (especially bluefin tuna ( THONUS thynus ) ) and farmed salmon (for being a highly polluting activity and food contaminated by heavy metals and other toxins ) to promote biodiversity , also using products protected by Slow Food who are at risk of extinction or neglect ( bulwark and Ark of Taste ) promote the consumption of fish from sustainable fisheries , compliance with minimum sizes , reduce CO2 emissions by reducing food transportation ; implement environmental measures ( recycling of oils, other products , using green cleaning products , use of clean energy use materials with low environmental impact … ) .

* SOCIAL ( FAIR ) : Encourage direct purchase to the small producer located in a radius not exceeding 100 km in order to reduce the chain of distributors , value given foodstuff just getting good practice , help him regain relevance within the present society, mentioning it to the charts , preparing and tasting events … And , not least, help the local economy sustainable .


* The local Slow Food convivium grants annual certification ” 0 km Restaurant , Slow Food ” cook and personalized way to assess the overall coherence of the proposal according to the chef’s culinary philosophy indicated above .


The quintessence of the restaurants are 0 km ” dishes km 0 ” , with which the chef shows not only his job but his involvement with the objectives listed above.

The dishes must be 0 km made ​​with organic products purchased directly from producers within less than 100 km and / or products protected by Slow Food ( Ark or stronghold ) .

A dish km 0 can not contain GM never ( nor derivatives: animals fed GM ) or non-local fish or endangered , unsustainable techniques or captured or bred in conventional farms .

The dishes must be 0 kilometers indicated in the letter with the symbol ” km 0 ”

0 km dishes that also contain products protected by Slow Food ( Ark or stronghold ) enjoy the highest prestige and must be indicated in the letter with the symbol of the wren .

(*) Will be provided at Restaurants 0 km because the symbols be easy to include in the letter

(** ) See annex 2 – The types of products for dishes km 0 and some examples.


Eventually , the entire letter must be tended to 0 Km .

Cook , through his restaurant during the award year involved a ‘ Slow Food Restaurant – km 0 ” as follows :

-To buy directly from local producers 8 ( radius less than 100 km) of different types (at least 1 vegetable , top 2 wines ) .

-To provide daily meals or 6 ” km 0 ” to the letter. Should restaurants menu daily , given its difficulty, will have a good suggestion dishes km 0 .

In – use 5 or more products protected by the Slow Food Ark of Taste ( local , national or international ) in order to help re introduce these excellent products in danger of extinction or oblivion market . We will be noted in the letter.

– The wine must have a meaningful and accurate representation of local wines . Be assessed in particular the unique wines from small producers , organic or biodynamic and local varieties .

– Train restaurant staff to adequately inform customers about 0 km and Slow Food .

– Minimize the generation of waste and encourage recycling .

– Respond to requests for verification that convivium manager has to perform well in order to verify the level of commitment and Slow Food , in any case, once a year , must complete annual tab to run for the nomination the following year .

– If convivium requested , in accordance with the availability of the chef , it should engage in some activity spreading food good, clean and fair .

To have the force plate Km 0 SF and it was a letter from km 0 to view the restaurant to have a coordinated information for all components of 0 km ( agreed in Bergen ) – Chef and the owner must be members to be informed of events, news, international communications and local Slow Food and able to participate with the discounts provided ( When the chef is also the owner just affiliation ) .

– The nomination to be made coexisted between January and April . Convivium will have until June 23 to study and accept or reject the bid .


– Chefs have created a committee which meets monthly every three months CALLS ALL THE COOKS FOR A common meeting in different locations of Catalonia there is a coexisting and sharing a common network where information producers and interesting products for restaurants ( ) . The network of Slow Food chefs km 0 – km 0 sponsor new candidates , will help remove doubts and lend a hand. The chefs can also check your convivium responsible .

The convivium – head can organize dinners and special events at the restaurant to publicize it and allied partners , and to the press.

– There is a FB (Guide Restaurants Km 0) of the restaurants available 0 km and 0 km site overview (responsible Enric miles) .

– Organization of shares during the year where chefs can participate and make themselves known to defend eating good, clean and fair . E.g. 2013 promotion price and stock fish without awareness of GMOs.

– Annual Publication of the Slow Food Guide Restaurants “A table with Slow Food .”

– Holding a joint act of delivering distinctive Km 0 and the publication of the guide, press and invitation to participate chefs km 0 .

– Being a member of Slow Food , the cook has the right to request information from other convivium worldwide (eg to prepare a gastronomic journey to find sources of inspiration as an act of promotion at his restaurant , restaurants to meet “special” ) to participate in any international event organized by Slow Food with the proposed reduced rates to members (eg Salone del Gusto , Terra Madre , Cheese , Slow Fish and acts of Convivium others around the world … ) .

Contact the nearest coexisting SO informs