What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is an association of eco-gastronomic nonprofit founded in Italy in 1989 and is currently represented in 122 countries. Created to promote gastronomic culture based food good, clean and fair. The Slow Food chefs we have joined the global Terra Madre network to create an alternative model of production and consumption of food. We work with farmers nearby and offer the highest quality to our customers

What is the Ark of Taste?

The Ark of Taste is a catalog consisting of the set of flavors, textures and aromas from different corners of the world are recovering. Partners including Slow Food’s Ark of Taste products neglected in order to recover them and return to cooking. You’ll find traditional varieties of vegetables and fruits, cereals had almost disappeared, processing methods ancestral breeds animals.

What is Baluard?

A baluard is a local project that was created to support the traditional small-scale farming to restore ancient variety of products at risk of extinction. Driven from the same area where food and aims to encourage the production and consumption. Cooking food bastion of recovery and we are strengthening knowledge.

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