Francesc Rafecas Codina

Francesc was running through the restaurant by the time he was born in 1972.

After roaming around different restaurants in the Spanish geography, he returned home where he developed the cuisine he loves:

Traditional Catalonian cuisine. The food we have always stood behind and that which has made us grow.

La Nansa

C/ de la Carreta 24

08870 – Sitges-  Barcelona

Tel.  938 94 19 27

Open daily from 13:30h a 16:00h, nights 20:30h to 23:00h

Average price: 20 € to 40 €.

We are a restaurant committed to traditional Catalan cuisine.

Recipes recovered from ranches and stews of our sailors, secret of housewives who passed them from generation to generation and our concern to endure over time the roots of our kitchen.

Roots that penetrate the Garraf Massif, they reach the sea and constitute a cuisine based on quality, proximity and sustainability of its ingredients.

Cozy restaurant located in a former fisherman’s home on one of the most charming streets in the old town of Sitges.
Their kitchen is one of unhurried stews, the chopping done by mortar and pestle, local recipes retrieved and updated where quality, proximity and sustainability are the house brand.

Its thick walls, that marina atmosphere, the rice and stews that are capable of transporting you back in time.

A time where the cooks wove with aromas and flavors our culinary heritage.

Heritage we want to endure over time, sharing it with all of you 50 years more.


La Nansa