Our chef learned from the kitchen of his mother Aurora; and then over the years has sought to recover cuisine flavors; introducing recovery products and recipes always lives within Vallesana cuisine and proximity!

La Calma – El Bellver

La Calma Parc Etnològic de Tagamanent.


Tel. +34 937 445 082



Dissabtes, diumenges i festius de 09:00 a 17: 00 hores.

Preu mitjà: 35 €

The house is Bellver The first is when the visitor arrives at the Pla de la Calma. Currently, and after a recent restoration carried out by the Provincial Government of Barcelona, the house serves as a restaurant and an information point of the Natural Park Montseny, while keeping its original structure that was created eighteenth century.

The house-to Bellver offer a BuffetDegustació based products of our farmers and producers are two movements in food: CuinaVO Slowfood and movement of Catalonia SlowFood de Catalunya; These two movements, as well as the Bellver is an independent house (we heat with wood, solar panels, rainwater ….) make our way to cook with a lot of “carinyu” and many hours; so you are ready to play a buffet and try to find and flavors PRODUCT !!!


La Calma – El Bellver