Vicent Guimerà

Vicent Guimerà has been at the helm of the Restaurant Antic Molí de Ulldecona for 12 years, but he has spent his entire life in the kitchen. He is 36 years old and recently has received his first Michelin star and has been named Cook of the Year of Catalonia by the Vanguard and the Gastronomic Forum.

These awards are the recognition of a hard work day by day and an improvement that has always been the horizon in his vision as an entrepreneur and cook. It is also the recognition of a great team, made up of cooks and waiters, who are already a family and, of course, is also the recognition of a trajectory before the hearths of a family of three generations.

Vicent Guimerà is the chef and owner of the Restaurant l’Antic Molí de Ulldecona, which opened with only 24 years. Its cuisine is of proximity, betting for ecological and local products.

This 2016 has received recognition from the Slow Food movement and Km0. Since 2009 dedicates an annual monographic menu to the galera, crustacean that claims as a product of High Gastronomy wherever it goes, especially during the Galera Tour.

L’Antic Molí

Carretera Ulldecona – La Sénia, KM 10

43550 Ulldecona

Tel. 977 57 08 93

  • From Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:00.
  • Closed on Mondays for break.
  • Closed on Sundays, Tuesdays.

Average price: De 13€ a 75€.

L’Antic Molí is a reference to the Ebro Lands. In 2016 the restaurant entered the Km0 Slow Food label, obtained the title of Cook of the Year of Catalonia and received the first Michelin Star.

From the menu of the day, Michelin star dishes and banquets. L’Antic Molí has a great diversity of cuisine. In the menu of the day you can find the most traditional cuisine, the kitchen of the grandmother, while in the Gastronomic Space the latest creations with the most advanced techniques and products of proximity.

On the threshold between Catalonia and Valencia, we find l’Antic Molí de Ulldecona (Tarragona), a restaurant in the middle of a natural environment and surrounded by gardens.

Awarded with a Michelin Star and with the appointment of Chef of the Year 2017 to his chef, Vicent Guimerà, l’Antic Molí is committed to the product of territory and ecological and local peasantry. And it includes the philosophy Slow food, Km0, in its three spaces: first of the menu of the day to day, the second the gastronomic space and the third one for celebrations of events. Authentic and committed cuisine, rooted in the earth.


Estate; Delta Duck, Joint and Ginger

Representation of our estate, a territory and a Delta.”

Poultry chicken; chest, thigh and skin

Elegance, taste and flavor

Set of desserts with a renewed tradition

Baba, a thousand sheets, plum cake, craquelin, crunchy caramel and cookie

L’Antic Molí