His credentials as a cook come from a long family tradition. At the age of 20 he started stirring his grandmothers pots, learning from her and his own mother. Even his father as head waiter of the restaurant for many of those years, passed on to him the enthusiasm for the job.

Now in 2018 and following his parents retirement, he is taking the reins of the business as the head chef of the El Jardi restaurant, the very same one which was initially begun 80 years ago by his own grandparents Pepet and Montserrat. A generational turnover which will be reflected in the new plates.

He is a lover of traditional homestyle cuisine, “back to basics”, which is created with enthusiasm and with a personal touch, laying his main focus on utilizing local and ecological products.

El Jardí

Restaurante El Jardí

C/Major 1 o entrada per c/Barcelona, 8

Parets del Vallès 08150


Telf 935620103

Open midday, the nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday (previous reservation).
Tuesday holiday.

We recommend them and we would appreciate booking.

Holidays the month of August three Weeks

Average price € 30

El Jardí restaurant is well known in the area and is located in the city centre of Parets del Vallès, opposite the City Council and the Church of St. Esteve .

It has a lovely garden area where you can relax and enjoy the taste of a delicious meal underneath centenarian trees.


El Jardí