Marcelino Duque Duque

Marcelino és un cuiner vocacional que va aprendre les arrels de la cuina tradicional catalana de la mà de l’àvia Teresina.

Restaurant Masia Can Campanyà

Calle Indústria, 68

08755 Castellbisbal


T. 93 772 07 23

L. a J. 8:00 a 18:00 h
V. 8:00 a 18:00 h
V. 8:00 a 00:00 h (Solamente JL., AG. y SE.)
S. 10:00 a 00:00 h
D. 10:00 a 17:00 h

Menú: 11,80€
Carta: 35,00€

The restaurant was born more than 50 years ago, inside the farmhouse of Can campaign, building dating from S. XVI A.d.
The activity of the restaurant it started the grandmother Teresina and today, the stoves are lit.

Can Campanyà is a restaurant which was born 50 years ago in a century farmhouse XVI A.d. where is the family the backbone.
Montserrat is the Director, Marcelino chef, Marta the sous chef and Lluís maître.

We are very proud of our origins and the values that our parents transmit to us, we are paying and respect and esteem for the earth is reflected in the table with dishes made with fresh, seasonal, ecological and proximity products. We always try to buy directly from the producer, knowing the roots and the history of our raw material and who has been produced and then manipulated, respecting its quality to the maximum.

All of us grew up among fires, but also setting up tables where we all sat together. We are a family restaurant, where we make traditional cuisine with contemporary touches. And we are proud to say that we continue to dress the table, taking care of every detail, so that everyone who comes, feels at home, as our parents did.


Zucchini carpaccio with orchard and dairy contrasts.

Organic zucchini carpaccio from Ca n’Oliveró, with candied tomatoes, from old varieties of La Verdolaga, pine nuts powder, goat cheese cushion from Ullastrell and Antigua vinaigrette.

Rice with sweet and salty notes of figs with duck.

Rice from l’Estany de Pals, made with homemade figs, duck magret from 5 Aglans and aromatic plant aromatics from our garden.

Egg flan, family recipe from Granny Teresina.

Egg flan, made with organic eggs from El Galliner de la Torrassa and milk from Agrofresc, Ullastrell carquiñolis powder and also homemade pacharán aromes.

Restaurant Masia Can Campanyà