Xavier Fabra Fernández

Ecological rural cook

My kitchen is a simple kitchen, with crazy touches respecting the anthropology of the dish. I am looking for the usual flavors of a good organic and local seasonal product. I shuffle the good fish from the markets of the Serrallo and the Ametlla de mar, looking for those dishes that were made on board. I love cheese and wine, we have some of the best examples of Catalan cheesemakers and a selection of wines from nearby varieties from Campo de Tarragona.
In a quick easy-to-understand compilation: we put on your plate a territory of the Tarragona countryside.

QuintaForca Restaurant

Pedania de Casafort nº 7 43887  Nulles (Tarragona) Tel. 676 939 859 quintaforca@gmail.com www.quintaforca.cat

Obert: De divendres a sopar a diumenge a dinar

Festius consultar

Preu mig: Des de 36€  sense vins.

Tel. 676 939 859

Quintaforca hosts you in a restored house from the century XVIII which is situated in a rural district, surrounded by infinite vineyards. Three separate traditional styled dining rooms contrast with the modern design of the kitchen, creating a unique atmosphere for customers. It is a place where we intend to briefly stop time. With a capacity of 24 diners. Quintaforca is a small restaurant with a big kitchen.

Quintaforca was created out of a compromise and the descoverment of a land and its people. We have a local and ecological cuisine, spontaneous without pretensions; with fresh products.
For our kitchen, we take the best products from the farmer, the fisherman and the winegrower, straight from the Tarragona land. We exponentiate the seasonality of the products and we promote the subtlety of discovering, day by day, the evolution of the dishes, depending on the season.

With this mosaic we pretend that people will be able to discover all of the land and its corners, as it is presented in a traditional cuisine but in modern way.

We have created a taster menu to seduce you and to make you stop time for a while, and just enjoy your meal.

For us, life is something that passes by between meals and good company.

We have a small cellar of fresh beer and wine from Tarragona, made with natural, biodynamic and ecological wines.