Pau Gener Barbany

The people reposnible for instilling Pau’s passion for cuisine were his grandmothers, Cisca and Quima; observing them prepare family meals, he discovered his vocation.

Pau studied at “Institut Escola d’Hosteleria de Girona and at the CETT” near Barcelona. He worked at restaurants like La Cruïlla, Drolma, La Gamba, La Taverna d’en Grivé, Axol and Tresmacarrons in Catalonia and now executive chef and co-owner of his own restaurant, he has fullfied his dream.

Vinòmic restaurant

Carrer Banys 60

08530 La Garriga

Tel. 931 298 270

Lunch (13 :30/15 :30) from Wednesday to Sunday. Dinner (20 :30/22:30) from Thursday to Saturday

30€ – 35€

Our Restaurant is located in the old “Can Xela” in La Garriga, a 1903 building, the home of the old coachman. It is a warm and cosy space, that retains the old stone and wooden structure. It has two rooms with a capacity for 35 covers and a small kitchen. It is managed by a few people, who have a high degree of dedication and devotion.

Our purpose is to create a catalan rooted cuisine, with a strong regional identity. The old style cuisine, as we understand it today, our way.

The focus in our kitchen is the local produce, while the seasons dictate the changes in our choice of menu and dishes and it’s influenced by the constant dialog with the regional producers.

Traditional recipes and classic flavours are in constant evolution, opened and influenced by cuisines from other parts of the world both well known and remote. Traditional cuisine, understood from a new and personal perspective.

The aromas, flavors and textures that define every dish become unique experiences as they get paired with the taste of our land, our landscapes and our vineyards guided by Aleix Garcia’s expertise as a somillerie.

Our leitmotif is to turn every meal into an exceptional gastronomical experience, far beyond food and beverage, that generates the best of feelings and sensations.

All of this is what Vinòmic stands for; it is what you will be able to feel and taste through the seasonal dish selection presented in our menu, tangible and intangible.


Leeks from Etern Verdaguer, caramelized in vinaigrette with curly endive and tender almond.

A very tender leek with a very long cane. Cooking it caramelized and accompanied by curly endive and tender almonds, flavoured with a traditional vinaigrette, results in a dish, which summarizes the philosophy of our restaurant: product and taste genuinely from Vallès.

The seed originating in Llinars del Valles, stored and managed by Etern Verdaguer of Can Casavella de Lluertet, hence its name.

Ca l'Oliveres sausage with roasted maitake mushrooms (Grifola frondosa) and Carai beans

La Garriga is a village which is gastronomically known for its sausages. They are even the protagonists of an annual fair.
In Vinomic we cook them open with fried onion. At the end of the cooking we add Carai beans recovered by the seed bank of Valles Oriental. To make the sauce we add the same water from the cooking.
What we add to this typical traditional Catalan dish are the maitake mushrooms roasted in the oven. These are mushrooms grown by Boletbenfet, a cooperative of Sant Antoni de Vilamajor with special work center for social integration. A 100% Vallès dish!

Ratafia caramel custard with (re)modernist Borrego sponge cake and roasted pear

The book by Pep Salsetas, a gastronomic activist, “”The Cloister of the Valesans”” (ed. Farell), collects a recipe that he calls modernist for the way how this dish is cooked: faster, more modern and easier than the most of hte classical and professional elaborations (not because it came from the modernist era).
In Vinomic we wanted to go a little further and we wanted to make it more “”modernist”” or (re)modernist, using new techniques and tools, like the whipping siphon, where we put the well crushed dough.
We cook it in the microwave and we end up roasting it in the oven. This is how we achieve a very airy texture and a crunchy point, which is perfectly complemented by the ratafia caramel custard and a pear roasted on the fire accompanied with a chestnut jam.
A dessert with the right ammount of sugar and the characteristic taste of ratafia, a sweet liquor typical of Catalonia.

Vinòmic restaurant