Convivia Vallès

Bouchra Benhdach & Abdel Hadi

The cooks  are of Arab origin (both based in Catalonia over 25 years ago). Autolearning. They love the kitchen. They have managed to find the balance between traditional “Vallès” kitchen and the kitchen of their home country. With a contemporary point.

Open all the day. Breakfast. Menu every day of the week: € 12.5 labour days / €18 festive days. A choice of 6 first and 6 seconds, with a long list of desserts.
Menu tasting for groups. Salads, stuffed burgers 200g, croquettes, sausages and cheese boards, “coca” of the Montseny, dishes of the house (beans “mongetes del ganxet”, couscous, scrambled eggs, sauteed, ..) meat, fish, sandwiches with “coca” bread… cooking for vegetarians and coeliacs. And some infinitely homemade desserts.


C/ Bellsolar

08440- Cardedeu

Tel. 938 71 1 655


Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 09:00 to 02:30 hours in the morning. Friday and Saturday from 09:00 to 03:00 hours in the morning.

Closed on Mondays.

Average Price: 12’50 € Menu weekdays, holidays Menus and Menu 15 € 18 to 20 € per person

Tarambana is a cultural and gastronomic space located in an old factory in Cardedeu, a town of the Vallès, in Catalonia.

To seduce a person, you must start with the food and this is our goal. We decided to seduce you with suggesting quality and healthy foods, both for people and for our environment. Nearby food, product kilometer zero and mostly eco-certified. Products from our countryside, close to us and highly associated with geographical cuisine.

If  “com el Vallès no hi ha res (nothing like the Vallès )” –said the poet Pere Quart-, what can be better than the products of our region, and recipes for its rich culinary culture, made in our oven roasted.

We present a menu prepared essentially with local products, catalans, and taking what the land gives us every season. Ready to be enjoyed, well paired with craft beers and wines from our country.

And if, near your table, you hear musical notes or feel something happens, do not be surprised , we can’t stop stirring the pot from the kitchen or the culture …

Tarambana wants to be a non-stop of a stable, diverse, popular, close and free cultural programming. The objective here is to bring all the different artistic disciplines and popular culture of our people and our country. If you look at our dishes, you’ll see that their names are a sample of that the culture and cuisine better walk hand in hand.

That’s it. With you, with your people, with the kitchen and the culture here, we want to be people in every step we take towards of a free country.

Come, laughs, participates, eat and… good appetit!