Rubén Miralles Blasco

Formado en Benicarló y con experiencia como jefe de cocina en restaurantes de la provincia, en 2018 decidió poner en marcha una iniciativa propia en Vinarós, su ciudad natal.

Rubén Miralles

Travessia de Sant Vicent, 9

12500 -Vinaròs (Castellón)

T. (+34) 964 026 939

Tuesday to Sunday 13.30 to 15:00

Friday and Saturday 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Closed Monday

Producte Menu from Tuesday to Friday noon €25
Tasting menu €60
Menu €40

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Vinaros, near the town hall. Our cuisine is a non-negotiable commitment to the value of local and proximity products. Far from being a limit, in the roots it finds firm foundations to deploy creative proposals that re-evolve market cuisine, with new ways of cooking and surprising diners.

In our gastronomic offer we can find a gastronomic menu of 15 passes which it is necessary to reserve. On the other hand, we have the “produce” menu, a menu of 5 passes that our guests can enjoy from Tuesday to Friday. Finally we have a small letter.


Carrot "aguachile", pico de gallo and prawn tartare.

We make an “aguachile” with carrot smoothie, fresh ginger and citronella. On the other hand, we make the pico de gallo with seasonal tomato, spring onion and hot pepper. Finally we make the prawn tartare from the fish market. For the assembly, pico de gallo base, tartar and with a jug we put the “aguachile”.

Duck, pumpkin cream, almonds and teriyaki

We mark the duck from the Delta de l´Ebre especially the part of the fat. We brown the almonds. Assemble the dish, at the base the pumpkin cream, add the magre, the almond and the teriyaki.

Creamy "cremaet" from Vinaròs.

We make a traditional rum “cremaet”, typical of our area. Then we make a cream with a texture similar to the pastry, we accompany it with a coconut foam.

Rubén Miralles