M Luisa Bordera Ramirez

I’m aware three generation path and to believe in values cooking with conscience.
This core values contains healthy and ecological food are the secret to the quality of our cuisine with seasonal and proximity products .
Our kitchen philosophy is grounded in the understanding that goes hand in hand with our corporate social responsability.
Our commitment to sustainability demonstrated by annual Fehr National Awards in 2018 which we won it.

Restaurant La Barraca

Passeig de l’Arenal s/n

43895 l’Ampolla (Tarragona)

Tel. +34 977 460 681



Horario de Octubre a Mayo: 10:00 a 19:00.

Horario de Junio a Septiembre de 10:00 a 23:00.

Del 8 de Enero Hasta último día de Febrero cerrados.

from 15€ to 75€

Our restaurant is in l’Ampolla, in Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park, the largest wetland in Catalonia, has an immense personality, a unique landscape where has a rich, living culinary heritage. We live through various stages of rice production.

It all started whith Ginés and Maria, my grandpas, opened a chiringuito on Arenal beach and now it would be in the middle sea.La Barraca restaurant is oriented to a  Mediterranean cuisine, ecological, natural and with a slight international touch. With the best organic seasonal and local products, we make a quality Deltaica cuisine, where aim is take care of our coustumers with food, care and nature.

Our purchasing policy promotes to the ranchers, fisherman and farmer, to sustainable processes, like a zero waste strategy improves upon production processes and new consumption patterns. For us, sustainability cannot be secured unless development policies improved social goods and community development, a better treatment animals and a sustainable crop. The fair trade system and services accessibility are the quality indicators.

Our project is the perfect tool to reaching people, to show that sustainable consumption is much more! We give too mucht importance to the customers decision, who are empowered to choice and make the difference. A way to express indirectly the main environmental and social benefits of local consumption to the practices everyday life.

Our customers responding in a very positive way and consolidating the project to be more ambitious in sustainability. In our circular economy they are the end and the beginning of the end again. Without them, it does not make any sense.


Smoked eel with cherry jam

Fillet eel and mix eel, tomatoes, garlics and marconas almonds with salt and empeltre oil. Bring the pâté to room temperature before serving with toast bread or directly on spoon. Add a drop cherry jam.

Mantis shrimp and artichoke rice

Heat empeltre’s oil in a sauté pan on high heat. Add the cuttlefish, garlic, onion and mantis shrimp. Then remove the mantis shrimp to a bowl and set aside. Add the tomato and artichoke. Once lightly salted. Add the marisma rice to the pot, stir to coat and let cook for a minute or two. Add the fish juice and the mantis shrimp, slowly stirring. Taste salt. The rice is cooked through in 13′.


Slowly beat cheese, eggs and sugar. Add 1 tbsp corn starch and and beat just until light and fluffy. Add sour cream and salt. Pour into the cooled crust. Bake heat to 200C/gas until golden brown, 35 mins and low to 160C/gas 10minuts more.

La Barraca