Gonzalo is humble and constant person. He has a degree in biology and he has experience and formation about cooking and baking.

He puts his knowledge and skills at the service of the product, putting the respect for the work of the producers over creativity, to offer the gastronomy as pure and essential as possible.


C. Bobalà, 8. (A prop de l’estació de l’AVE)

Lleida (25004)

T. (+34) 973 221 159



Meals from Monday to Saturday and public holidays: From 13.00 to 15.30 hours.

Dinners from Friday to Saturdays and night before public holidays: From 9pm to 11pm.

We close on Sundays. PRICES: 40-50€

Our restaurant practices cuisine made with local, seasonal and quality produce. We work to make our customers identify in our kitchen the taste of memory and tradition.

We use the barbecue as it’s an ancestral technique of our land, combining it with contemporary methods, cooking products that were not traditionally charcoaled.

In 2011, we opened Ferreruela in Lleida, with a philosophy to combine our local culinary traditions with modern cuisine. With a priority to sustainability and support for local producers in our region, we express our personality and values in our seasonal menu.
Ferreruela is a vision that has emerged from our individual, academic and occupational experiences- with a fusion of skills from our experienced food and beverage team. We emphasise the culinary character of our local region using fresh, seasonal produce.

In addition to this seasonal menu, we offer gastronomic selections changing daily with the produce available from the current market.

Our elegant setting accommodates 31 people and has an open-plan barbecue where our selection of fresh meats and fish are cooked. In addition, we have a more intimate room seating 20 people which is available for family celebrations and business meetings. Set menus are available for these events.

Ferreruela invites you to experience a celebration of our region and culture created through modern artisanal expertise.