Jordi Tomàs

Experience and motivation are our two key elements of our gastronomy: experience because we have been working for years with delicious traditional dishes from the Pyrenees, made with organic and local products! The motivation because our staff believes in this project and makes it possible everyday!

We care about the well-being of people and of the environment and its biodiversity so we have committed to 70% of our dishes being ecological, local and healthy, and because we want everyone to enjoy it 70% of our dishes are Gluten-free, cooked and presented with great dedication by our team!

We invite you to taste and enjoy our gastronomic experience! You won’t regret it!

Restaurant Arç

Cerdanya Ecoresort

Carrer del Puig, 4

25727 Prullans, Lleida

+34 973 510 260

Weekends and holidays.

From July till September: every day.

Months Juny and October: only breakfasts and supper.

Breakfast:  08:00 – 10:30

Lunch:  13:30 – 15:30

Dinner:  20:00 – 22:30

Opening hours:

Adult 23,00€

Child from 6-12 years 11,90€

Child from 2-5 years 6,30€

Enjoy a unique, ecological and healthy buffet at our Restaurant Arç: traditional recipes, salads, paellas, meat cooked at the moment and to finish delicious desserts elaborated with great care!
• We commit to our 70% commitment: Eco-friendly & local food, Catalan cuisine with Pyrenean touch, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.
• Themed buffets of local produce. Days with mini-buffet of products from the region: Trumfes de Cerdanya, ecological beef from the Pyrenees, Cal Turet Sausages, Ger’s Mill Cheeses, Cal Majuba’s Sheep Milk or Ham from the country and much more!
• Great capacity and thought to eat comfortably and in peace
• Panoramic views of the Serra del Cadí-Moixeró
• Buffet for all ages with ecological vegetables from our vegetable gardens El Verger Cerdà and other products from ecological producers from La Cerdanya
• We are happy to be part of this project with the aim to reduce food waste!
• Taste our exquisite menu Som Gastronomia with local ecological products (with reservation)

In our ARÇ Restaurant we reward the people who finish their meal with the Cerdans Social coins! These coins can be deposited in one of our piggy banks that correspond to an NGO project. Every 4 months we count the donations and we, as a company with our values, convert the wooden coins into real donations for these ONGs!

Experience and motivation are our key elements when it comes to treating Cerdanya EcoResort gastronomy: experience because we have been working with traditional Pyrenean dishes for years, with local products and, above all, in making tasty dishes! This is the motivation why our staff believes in this project and makes it all possible.
The well-being of people and the planet, and biodiversity interests us, so for years we have committed ourselves that 70% of our dishes are ecological and of proximity, and because we want that everyone can enjoy our cuisine, 70 % of more is gluten-free, prepared and presented with great care by our team.

We are members of the Cuina Pirinenca de Cerdanya association, we are recognized as a gastronomic hotel by the Generalitat de Catalunya and we are members of Cuina Catalana and the Association of Agroalimentària de la Cerdanya.

At Cerdanya EcoResort the heart of our company is in nature, in the respect for the environment, for culture and rural society. For this reason we are devoted to follow these sustainability commitments! Permaculture is a way of seeing the world and it inspires our company and we apply it in our vegetable gardens.Permaculture is much more than a way to cultivate the earth regeneratively, it is a new approach to live in a more harmonious way with the planet.

We encourage you to enjoy our gastronomic experience!


Restaurant Arç Cerdanya Ecoresort