Albert Guillén

Creative, inspirational, influencer, media. Your kitchen is always a mixture of all the elements: design, image, food, spaces.

He studied at the Cambrils School of Hospitality and Tourism. He has worked in different restaurants in Europe and Latin America.

He participated in the All the foodies program, creating different dishes on screen.

Keep moving forward and growing behind new projects

Lo Molí. Sustainable cuisine.

Carrer del Montsant 1

43792 La Torre de l’Espanyol




From 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday

(Wednesday day off)

Lo Molí is located in an old oil mill in La Torre de L’Espanyol. After a small renovation, the restaurant opens with a new philosophy, the Slow Food concept, applied to signature cuisine, but with roots in traditional cuisine.

Albert is creating a menu based on local seasonal products, reaching agreements with local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, being able to have the freshest, organic and chemical-free products on the table.

The restaurant has a main room, a rear outdoor terrace and now we are creating an orchard adjacent to the restaurant to have products at hand, where the diner can sit under a terrace to taste dishes and drinks, surrounded by terraces of season products.

The embers and the live fire are an important part of the cuisine of Lo Molí, reflecting that gastronomy that our grandparents used.

Traditional dishes taken to another level, with the passion of the chef and the best products.


Zucchini cream with garlic bread.

Zucchini cream with Catalán onion “calçot” and toasted bread flavored with garlic and parsley.

ECO beef stew with “ganxet” beans.

ECO beef stew with “ganxet” beans.

Bread with oil amd chocolate

Organic chocolate bread toast Whith olive oil and salt.

Lo Molí. Sustainable cuisine.