Òscar Bigas.

As a chef, the goal is to offer a creative, flavorful and elaborate vegetable cuisine, a constant invetigation of how to further highlight the virutas of the vegetable world with an expecional product and with the utmost respect.


Carrer de la Jonquera, 30

17600 Figueres, Girona

Tel. +34 972 516 334

Monday – 13h a 15:30h

Tuesday – 13h a 15:30h / 20.00h a 22.30h

Wednesday – 13h a 15:30h / 20.00h a 22.30h

Thursday – 13h a 15:30h / 20.00h a 22.30h

Friday – 13h a 15:30h / 20.00h a 22.30h

Saturday – 13h a 15:30h / 20.00h a 22.30h

Sunday – CLOSED

Prices: 20€/40€


A few meters from the Dalí Museum is this vegan restaurant in the city of Figueres where only the egg can be found in some of its desserts. It stands out for having the kitchen open to the public where you can see the elaboration of your dishes in which only vegetables, pulses, seeds, vegetable protein, germinated, seaweeds and fermented.

A quiet, warm and relaxed place that transports you to a gastronomic experience through the foods you work with. Respect for and philosophy for products of proximity and season without losing the energy value during its elaboration. Honest China to comfort both and soul and with an extensive and pampered selection of natural wines.