2nd generation of the Family in front of the business. Since childhood I have seen how all the products on the side of the house have been in our kitchen. Self-taught but with a lot of training courses, monographs and congresses.


Carretera de Sort, s/n,

25593 Baro, Lleida




Laborables: Dinar 13.00/16.30 sopar 21.00 22.30h

Festius: Dinar 13.30/16.00h sopar 20.30/22.30h

Preu: A partir dels 15€

The restaurant is in the Fonda building, with a history of more than 70 years, we offer all kinds of service to our customers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, celebrations. Capacity up to 90 people for parties and groups.

Our kitchen is based from the beginning with the kitchen of the local product. The parents had an orchard and took care of animals and those who did not, bought them at the house next door. Today, we still have an orchard and the products are the majority that the Pallars territory gives us. Do not understand the kitchen without food territory, since childhood I have always seen it that way. The temporality of the products we have makes us great lovers of the territory and everything that surrounds it. More than 70 years of feeding people makes us want this job we have. The current establishment, has been renovated 10 years ago, we totally included the 18 rooms that we have for the rest of the clients. Outside terrace and a building surrounded by green on the outskirts of the town of Baro.


Sweet onion coca, Tou de Surp cheese, Senglar Girona deer sobrassada, Escós honey and Sorre nuts

On a coca base, we will put an onion cooked with a touch of sugar and we will gratin it, once it is gratinated, we will put cubes of Tou de sheep cheese from Casa Mateu de Surp, sobrasada of deer made by Arnau de Senglar Girona, a touch of honey from Escòs, a town 2 km from our house to set the territory where we are and Pepe de Sorre nuts.

3-cheese cake (fresh from Rialp, tou and blue from Sort) raspberry sauce from Esterribery and walnut biscuits from Lionesa

Cheese cake made with 3 cheeses, fresh sheep from Formatgeria Montseny de Rialp, 2 from cow, Tou dels Til·lers and Azul from Tros de Sort, a raspberry sauce from Pilar d’Esterribery and walnut biscuits made by the Pasteleria la Lionesa de Sort