Sergi de Meià

Sergi de Meià is one of the icons of Catalunya’s organic, proximity food and traditional cuisine. To revive catalan traditional recipes, to boost organic cuisine and to heighten the origin of the products have been his main goals during the last years.

El Rebost de Can Moragues

Masia de Can Moragues

Carretera de Santa Coloma km 21,1

17421 Riudarenes, Girona

872 22 00 24

Thursday: 10h – 20h
Friday: 10h – 23h
Saturday: 10h – 23h
Sunday: 10h – 17h
From 20 to 35€

El Rebost de Can Moragues is a restaurant with an organic shop inside, where the dishes are made with products of High Natural Value; unique products of proximity food and local varieties cultivated by farmers who respect nature and tradition.

El Rebost de Can Moragues is a restaurant located in the middle of la plana de La Selva, looking at Montseny and Guilleries’ mountains from a unique place. Our restaurant has a close connection with the seasons of the year, where the fresh product is local and the menu is determined by what vegetables are at its best. The main protagonists of El Rebost are the farmers and their unique local product: those that our grandparents cultivated. From these unique quality products, Sergi de Meià has created recipes that capture the essence of Catalan cuisine without fearing innovation. Our menu focuses on gastronomic quality, promoting the quality of healthy and sustainable products.
The Emys Foundation and the Astres Foundation, the non-profits behind El Rebost, make it possible for this project to go even further. The Emys Foundation, an expert in High Natural Value Agriculture, uses landstewardship agreements with organic producers to guide our farmers in the sustainable management of their agricultural estates. The Astres Foundation, an expert on social inclusion, generates work opportunities to make sure that people from vulnerable groups of our region can work in what they like the most. This is why El Rebost de Can Moragues is a sustainable project both at environmental and social levels.


Pig's trotters tartare

Tiny slices of pig’s trotters with some apple, spices and Modena vinegar.

Gemma's toast

Sliece of kamut bread, vegan mayonnaise, sausage, fired egg and sautéed vegetables.

Apple clafoutis

Occitan Apple pie. With some honey and smashed cookie.

El Rebost de Can Moragues