Adrià Porta Alsina

Young chef who went to Barcelona to train at the Superior School of Hospitality of Barcelona and worked in different types of establishments (catering, restaurant and pastry). Five years later, he decided to return home to open a restaurant with his brother to publicize their products and their cuisine.

El Rastell

Plaça Jacint Verdaguer, 2

25700 Seo de Urgel


Sunday, monday and tuesday: from 12 am to 4 pm

Thursday, friday and saturday: from 12 am to 4 pm and from 8 pm to 11 pm

Wednesday closed

Average price
Set menú: 13€
Carte: 30€

Restaurant and tasting space with a wide range of organic products, locally produced and handmade products, in a rustic and cozy space. Maximum 25 guests.
Located in Court’s Square where you can enjoy the terrace in summer.

Since they were young, the Porta Alsina brothers have held in great esteem their territory, Alt Urgell.
While Adrià was forming in Barcelona, Agustí began to make a name as a young craftsman of his own artisan sausages in his charcuterie.
They had always talked about the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the local product by the people of the area and when the opportunity arose to open a restaurant, they did not doubt it.
They were very clear on how they wanted the restaurant to be. They wanted to create a rustic and cozy but unique space in the Seu d’Urgell.
The main objective of El Rastell Restaurant is to keep the product fresh, not to manipulate it in excess and to preserve its organoleptic characteristics to the maximum. This will enhance your taste and make the dishes served much better. Another key point of his philosophy is to publicize and revalue both the product itself and that of the region.
They like to work with a quality product and proximity, respecting the whole process to the maximum, starting from the basis of traditional cuisine and giving it a spin, applying the knowledge acquired by Adrià in Barcelona in terms of techniques and other cuisines.
They also want what they offer to be available to everyone and, therefore, offer a quality product at an affordable price.



Broken goose eggs

Drum of home-grown potatoes, goose eggs from Cal Ventureta from Arsèguel and crispy ham with a touch of truffles”

Ripened entrecote

Beef entrecote matured for 40 days accompanied with home-grown potatoes

Chocolate Cosmopolitan

Fresca de Bosc infusion granita from Infús with a little vodka over hot chocolate sponge cake

El Rastell