Ramon Martí Schiebel

Ramon Martin was one of the emigrants who went to Germany, but in the 90s he had already learned to cook. Before that, he was disciple of the great Jean Louis Gilda and from there, went on under the direction of Jean Claude Bourgueil (3 Michelin stars) in Düsseldorf. In the seven years he worked, went from mere apprentice, to second cook, maïtre and sommelier. There, he not only learned to cook, also to love: he met Astrid Schom (literally, nice), sommelier of the establishment. And one day, they both run away to Tarragona … Having regard to the result, we do not believe that Mr.. Bourgueil was very happy with such a great loss.

El Llagut

Plaça del Rei

43033  Tarragona 

Tel.   977 228 938


Open: from 13:00 to 16:00 hours and from 20:30 to 24:00 hours

Closed Sunday evening and Monday

Average price: 13 € lunch menu, 25 to 35 € à la carte.

On one corner in Plaza del Rey, is situated El Llagut, a small seaside tavern decorated by wood and sailor details, which welcomes you on the best natural way. It has capacity for 35 people, but in summer it double capacity with a nice terrace on the square where our history as a “civilized” village was born. On day times there is a menu (€ 13) and the carte (about 35 €), and during night times there is also an exceptional taster menu and tapas. Book first, by Scipio! HOURS: Closed Sunday evening and Monday,

The restaurant El Llagut is situated right in the heart of Catalonia’s origins: on the Plaça del Rei in Tarragona, on the remains of the ancient Roman city of Tarraco. This seafood tavern of such a humble appearance produces some of the most surprising and tasty rice dishes In the city.Its owners, Ramon and Astrid, seek above all to provide a human touch, create a place where they and their guests can enjoy shared moments as they devour traditional dishes cooked with excellent popular products. This is easy to understand if you have captained an establishment with several Michelin stars for years. In the kitchen, Ramon increases the taste sensations of these highly popular dishes with knowledge of haut cuisine: rice dishes are excellent. In particular, the masqueta (rice in both) with Romesco peppers, angler fish and clams with a slightly piquant touch (15,90€), presented in a casserole dish so you can serve yourself. We also recommend the mantis shrimp with truffle. Starters are also to share in the middle of the table: the sea snails -awarded the distinction of best tapa in Tarragona- (11,40€) or delicious baby octopuses from Tarragona with rancid wine and Romesco in caramelised garlic (8,90€). In the dining room, Astrid holds extensive gourmet knowledge. She can guide you in a friendly and intimate way, especially in the high ranges of the region: “With seven nearby Designations of Origin (DO) represented, why travel any further?”. In vino veritas. Don’t forget the sweets: all made on the premises. To refresh your palate after a rice orgy, Ramon has created irresistible syrups: from the neighbour’s quinces, lemons from his own courtyard, etc.


El Llagut