El Dien

Convivia Terres de Lleida i Pirineus

Enric Millà

Enric  opened El Dien in 2006 and has become a reference in Lleida. He toured many restaurants Michelin stars jumping from one to the other, seeking to learn excellence as a bee who leaves another flower when the job is finished. Product is a researcher, a playful creative in the kitchen and convincing customers, which leaves the glory after every meal

A unique and cozy, simple and elegant with overflowing creativity of the kitchen. The concept covers all areas is slow and has a pleasant rustic lounge for coffee time and conversation. Only has 4 tables and advisable to book.

El Dien

C/ Estació 28

-25680-  Vallfogona de Balaguer


Tel. 653838010 / 973053014



Open Friday 21:00 to 22:45.

Saturdays 13:00 to 15:30 / 21:00 to 22:45.

Sundays 13:00 to 15:30 hours.

Holidays and eves available.

Booking essential.

Average price: 45 €, KMO menu € 35,  tasting menu  47€.

What should you say when a chef explains that the ten year old was presented with a cooking contest in the village and they had to invent an award for his dish was out of the traditional canons ? >, on herbes i producte comparteixen espai amb animalons i insectes i que li proporciona pràcticament tota la verdura de l’any?”>Or tells you what to say when you have a garden << >> wild , where weeds and product sharing space with animals and insects which provides almost all the vegetables of the year ? Because when fresh is not used because it has been preserved . And what that tells you when its suppliers are good people that transmit energy to the animal and he can not allow that energy does not reach the customer? We are talking to a number outside . A chef who wants to know the producer and his working environment to say that this influences when inspired by the plate. The landscape in the pot , as pointed or Josep Pla. >, la seva cuina amb vistes als camps.”>The Henry is a playful elf spoke and questioned the diner from the bottom of >> << chapel , your kitchen overlooking the fields. To take nothing for free, or repeated , or anything that alters the flavor of a dish of food pillar . Creativity 100% 100% wit : makes you guess the ashes, salts , herbs , makes you travel with childhood tastes t’extasia with cooking t’enlaira 30 hours and reductions in 3 days. Be sure to try everything that makes up a plate : it all makes sense . When one says that practice sustainable cuisine based on traditional and important people are talking about lifestyle , education diner , conscientious producers who love their animals is talking about committed funds without cracks. And all this when the customer reaches the mouth becomes sublime ecstasy .

Texts  Sola Rosa Maset . Restaurant Guide Km0 ..

El Dien