Joan Luque Sirera

Cook restless and curious and fascinating product for the territory, expert kitchen diet and cooking mushrooms and plants.

Big fan and practitioner of cooking energy.

Scholar of ancient plant species and endangered ecological fruit and vegetable producer recovered.

El Celler dels Joglars

C/ Ribera de Montardit 13

-25560- Montardit de Baix-Sort- Pallars Sobirà- Lleida

Tel. 973 620 663

Open: Thursday to Monday from 13:30 to 16:00 hours and from 20:30 to 23:00 hours

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Homes from 6/1 to 31/1 from 1/7 to 10/7

Average price: 20 € / 40 €.

Small mountain restaurant located on the ground floor of the Hotel Rural L’Alcova committed to a kitchen where organic and local recovering old recipes giving us an update on the turn.

Specializing in kitchen and mushroom hunting, as well as products collected in the forests and meadows around the hotel.

Small mountain restaurant where they recover and evolve the recipes to avoid the loss of the food culture of the region.
The restaurant is based in a kitchen product making us so fanatical in product quality and proximity.

Great preachers of cooking mushrooms and cooking with 100% natural products, collected and / or cultivated by ourselves.

The kitchen Winery jugglers changes as the seasons change from year to adapt and product availability in your epitome of quality.


El Celler dels Joglars