Quim Casellas

Quim Casellas genaració belongs to the youth who have not completed 40 years but feel an unwavering passion for cooking and has an enthusiasm that gives magic touch to his work.

Young had never planned to be a chef. Summers worked in the hotel of his parents wedding Llafranc and when he finished school, went to work in winter with Joan Pique, whom he discovered cooking and became his teacher in the its referent.
It will also transfer to Jean Luc Figueras, for Cambrils Can Bosch, has been with Charles Jay, Joan Roca, Al Drolma Fermi Puig … and considers them all could learn and acquire a broader vision that has allowed him to dare to new experiences.


C/ del Nero, 3   -17211-  Llafranc -Girona

Tel. 972 300 104 



Open: 13:30 to 15:30 and 20:30 to 22:30 H.

July and August: Monday closed / Rest of year: Sunday night and Monday. January, February and March closed

Average price: from 45 € without drinks.

Casamar Hotel-Restaurant is situated at the foot of the Costa Llafranc beach where crystal clear water and rocky coves surrounded by pine are the essential elements to create a memorable image of a renovated Coast Brava.Recientemente mordern and very Mediterranean air that makes it very cozy. The terrace has an amazing views over the bay of Llafranc. Maria Casellas and all their equipment room, working with enthusiasm to provide the best service.

The Casamar began to work as a hotel in May 1955 when Joan Casellas and Maria Balaguer ( Quim Casellas grandparents ) turned a summer home in the early twentieth century , in a small hotel with five rooms .
It was in 1974 when they took over the business Grassot Margarita and Jose Maria Casellas ( Chem parents ) .

In 2000 Mary and Quim are the children started to help in the management of the hotel now has 20 rooms while the restaurant donant.li a new dimension. It has been over ten years since the start of the restaurant and we have always focused on quality and so forth . We believe in quality and there are no shortcuts to thank our client . We approach most producers and most well know product that fills our menu .

Now, we are very grateful because after years of work, 24 November 2011, Michelin awarded us with a star , we maintain a year després.Ens find the challenge of combining and maintain our personality our local culture and collaboration with small local producers with autoesigència own this distinction requires us .